About Trevor Waller

Trevor Waller holds undergraduate qualifications in English Literature, Education and Psychology. He is a graduate of the Open Experimental Education Programme of the David Yellin Teachers’ Seminary, Jerusalem, where he qualified as a Senior Certified Teacher. He is also a Diplomate Clinician in Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy, qualifying him to work in the field of personal development with individuals and groups.

With over 25 years’ experience in the education space, Trevor has an innate understanding of the education process, and a natural ability to connect with people. Trevor has founded and run a school, taught children from primary to high school, worked for a Seta, and has authored teacher guides, textbooks, training material and non-fiction books for children.

Head of the Academy

From 2008 to 2016, Trevor worked as Head of the Academy at Raizcorp, South Africa’s premier business incubator. His responsibilities included the oversight of all training for both entrepreneurs and coaches. While Trevor specialised in personal development, he was intimately involved in the creation of all training, including strategy, sales, marketing, and finance.

Trevor has a finely-honed understanding of the needs of a growing business, and what it takes to ensure that all employees are working towards a common goal. Trevor also ghost- and co-wrote Allon Raiz’s two best-selling books (‘Lose the Business Plan’ and ‘What to do when you want to give up: Help for entrepreneurs in tough times’) respectively.

The Entrepreneurial Leap

In 2016, Trevor left Raizcorp to set up his own business, which specializes in a combination of educational writing and logotherapeutic coaching and training.Logotherapy, developed by Viktor Frankl, a concentration camp survivor, is premised on the belief that human beings have the unique ability to make meaning of their lives. They do this by learning to respond, rather than react, to what is happening to them

Trevor uses logotherapy, as well as his experience in the personal development field, to counsel adults, facilitate corporate training sessions, and to coach and consult to entrepreneurs.

"You are Here"


In 2019, Trevor successfully ghost wrote a book, for Stefan Brozin, called ‘You are Here: A story of presence’ (ISBN 978-0-620-86017-8). The book has been warmly received with many messages of gratitude for its teachings being received by both Stefan and Trevor. Trevor and Stefan are currently using the book to create a set of workshops which will teach people, both in their private and corporate lives, to become mindful, grateful and accepting of life.


Publishes "22 Lessons for Corona Time & After "

In 2020, Trevor finally published his own book. “22 Lessons for Corona Time and After” is a collection of Trevor’s blogs, written during the first 22 days of Lockdown. Trevor is currently ghost writing a memoir, for a successful South African family, as well as a self-help book for an Israeli client.

Trevor recently completed writing the Grade 12 Life Orientation textbook as part of the Department of Education’s rollout of new textbooks in 2022. Trevor is also co-authoring the Teacher Guide for all Life Orientation teachers in the country.

"22 Lessons" Continues

Trevor also serves as a mentor for entrepreneurs in the Innovation Hub’s Ekasi project. Trevor brings a unique combination of personal development and business knowledge to his mentoring sessions, recognising that, at the heart of every business, lies a human being whose wellness is strongly connected to the success of the business enterprise.


Coming in 2021! Inspirational cards to accompany “22 Lessons” and an online course to guide you through the lessons.