Corporate Courses and Workshops

We customise our content to meet the needs of your particular company.

The latest organisational research seems to suggest that millennials (who increasingly make up the majority of the workforce) “value continuous learning opportunities in the workplace more that they value a free lunch or being able to work in a cool office.” ( The reality is that, no matter the ‘generation’ of your employees, an engaged staff is a productive staff.

We customise our content to meet the needs of your particular company. For example, in a retail environment, poor communication has a negative impact on customer service. Therefore, the ‘Communication Matters’ workshop is tailored to assist employees to radically shift the way they are communicating with customers. The impact can be seen on the bottom line. All training is linked to the daily functions of the business, with the objective being to shift employees from undesired to desired, goal-centred behaviour. You can’t do it without your people. Let us help you to change your people in order to change your business.

The following courses/workshops are available:


  • Self Matters: Focuses on the self, giving participants the opportunity to look at their beliefs, and how these are shaping their reality.
  • Others Matter: Focuses on tools and methods for engaging with others with honesty, respect and dignity.
  • Communication Matters: Focuses on self-talk, paradigms, assertive communication, cultural issues and conflict resolution. Better communication = better service = increased profits!
  • Money Matters: Looks at beliefs about money, how the relationship with money shapes one’s financial reality and assists people to create a healthier relationship with money.
  • Time Matters: Looks at time management from the perspective that time management is actually self-management, and provides practical tools to deal with goals, deadlines and priorities.
  • Think Like An Entrepreneur: Using selected lessons from “22 Lessons”, as well as other important insights, this workshop assists participants to identify their limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs to achieve success.

Can modules be interchanged?

Yes , modules can be interchanged to create a course to suit your company’s specific needs

Can courses be combined ?

Yes , Courses can also be combined e.g. “Communication and Money Matters”.

Can courses be structured to suite my company's needs?

Yes , courses can also be structured as 2- to 3-day workshops, with slightly different outcomes.

Can you develop courses specific to my needs ?

Yes, tailor-made courses are also available on request.

Do you have additional courses on offer?

Yes we do!

Additional courses on offer:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship Essentials
  • Life Skills for Teens
  • Creative Facilitation Skills
Course Outcomes

Courses are structured in such a way that participants get to practice, what they have learned, between training sessions.

Practical Experiences

The sessions are also constructed to provide participants with ample time to share openly, with the spin-off effects for your workplace becoming a place where changed behavior begins to happen naturally.