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Every human has

a story to tell

I have an ability to listen for meaning, and to translate complex concepts into accessible content and learning material. I have written educational material, business books, and personal memoirs.

Educational content writer, editor and ghost writer

In 2002, when I was still teaching primary school children, an experienced educational content developer hired me as a consultant on a textbook she was writing. Her feedback to me was, “Some people can teach; others can write. Very few people can do both. You are one of the few.” This feedback propelled me into the world of educational content development and, later, into the world of ghost writing.

I have created learning materials for numerous South African publishers including Maskew Millar Longman and Heinemann. For Awareness Publishing (www.awarenesspublishing.co.za), I was the author of various Teacher Guides for their titles on HIV & AIDS, and Freedom Fighters, as well as a series of ten books called “Careers without a Degree”. I also created learning material, for many South African brands, under contract to hdi, a youth marketing company. Brands included Lucky Star, Dettol, Dove, Eskom, Sasol and Pick n’ Pay.

While working at Raizcorp, South Africa’s premier business incubator, I wrote two books for Allon Raiz, which went onto be bestsellers: “Lose the Business Plan” and “What to do when you want to give up: Help for entrepreneurs in tough times”. As head of the Raizcorp Academy, I created learning modules in both the personal development and business space.

In 2019, I ghost wrote “You are Here: A story of presence”, by Stefan Brozin, a memoir of how a family dealt with the loss of their wife and mother to cancer.

In 2020, I was appointed as Grade Editor for the Department of Education’s Life Orientation textbook project and have just completed writing the Grade 12 textbook which will be distributed to all schools in 2022.

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